Mobile Billboard Advertising

What are Mobile Billboards?

    Mobile Billboards incorporate traditional billboard advertising onto moving ad trucks to provide personalized media exactly when and where your target market is most exposed. The large face displays offer a similar size comparison to traditional billboards, only with high quality, vinyl signs, and the ability to be mobile. The trucks are driven according to your desired route, reaching numerous events and thousands of people per day. We've added the latest technology of backlit billboards which adds an intense internal lighting system to make your ads glow at night or even with overcast. A mobile billboard will grasp your audience's attention as they witness your message first hand from a powerful, unique form of advertising.

Mobile Billboards We Offer

        23'x 11' Jumbo Mobile Billboards  -   Our Mobile Billboards provides the largest square foot coverage available in mobile billboard advertising, allowing for maximum exposure as customers can't miss your message with the size of these signs.

Events and Area Coverage

    Specializing in large cities such as Chicago and college campuses, we provide our mobile billboard service throughout the entire Midwest. No matter where your target market is located, you will be able to reach them using Midwest Mobile Billboards. Our billboards are an excellent way of marketing your business at events and areas such as:

• Large Cities
• College Campuses
• High Traffic Areas
• Concerts
• Conventions
• Sporting Events
• Trade Shows
• ...and More

We can also promote your own events such as:

• Political Campaigns
• New Businesses
• Boosting Brand Name Recognition


    Unlike traditional stationary billboards, our mobile billboards go directly to your customers with your message.  We provide our services with a variety of time slots. Advertise for 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 1 year, or any amount of time that you desire.