Graphics Design

Graphics Specifications

             Large Mobile Billboard               
               Jumbo Mobile Billboard            
 Overall Dimensions
 17'6" x 8'
 22'7" x 10'4"
 Live Area*
 17'2" x 7'8"
 22'3" x 10'
 Photoshop Template
 Graphics Dimensions
1 foot = 1 inch 
 Applications We Use
 Photoshop, Illustrator
 Sending Files
 Send Adobe, Quark, and other application files
 as PSD, EPS, or JPG
 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch)
 Fonts Turn all fonts into outlines
 Colors Use CMYK mode only
 Black Colors
 Use 50c, 50m, 0y, and 100k for the sharpest blacks 
 Compression Do not compress files
 Channels and Paths
 No extra channels or paths
 Flattening Flatten image when complete
 Scanning Scan with at least 70 DPI regarding all above
 Emailing Files
 Please email graphics as ZIP files

*Live Area - The signs have 2" pockets around the perimeters.  Therefore, keep all type areas and pictures in the live area.