Midwest Mobile Billboards is the leader in outdoor mobile advertising. We offer mobile billboard advertising throughout Chicago and the Midwest, incorporating day and night campaigns with the widest variety of options on the market. Whether your area of interest is located in a densely populated city, college campus, or a small town, Midwest Mobile Billboards can drive your message directly to your target market.

Our unique mobile format draws attention to the advertisers message with "face to face impact advertising" providing impressions in areas often unreached by traditional advertising. Your message is delivered in an uncluttered, visually stimulating way at a        5' - 25' viewing distance. Imagine having your large 22'7" x 10'4" ad viewed at such a close distance.

We don't just send our Mobile Billboards out on the streets with no direction. We work closely with you on a plan to penetrate large crowds of people where traditional media platforms cant reach.  We will plan on exposure around the hot spots in cities and neighborhoods, around restaurants, near busy intersections, and anywhere else your prospects are located.